Mental Health Support

In Partnership with Wellspring Counseling

As an organization, Buddy System is committed to grassroots community engagement. We listen to people from the communities we serve and meet them where they are at. In direct conversation with Floridians, we hear over and over again the need for affordable and accessible mental health resources. That is why we have partnered with Wellspring Counseling  to offer our clients sessions with licensed therapists- either at affordable rates or completely free of charge depending on need.  Buddy System and Wellspring Counseling are committed to working cooperatively to identify and provide for those in need of mental health counseling, consultation, and/or education on the behalf of individuals, families, and communities.

About Wellspring Counseling

“Wellspring is a non-profit counseling center and outreach ministry that provides mental health services and education in a professional, Christian and holistic way in order to bring about transforming change in individuals, communities and for generations to come.” Wellspring offers “full-service counseling by professional, licensed, skilled counselors” and “specialized trauma counseling, to train and encourage others to use skilled trauma techniques in the emotional healing process and to promote Post Traumatic Growth.”

Your contribution towards our Mental Health Support Program will help Miamians receive the care and help they need. A contribution of just twenty five dollars will pay for a mental health session for one of our clients with a licensed counselor. 

Are you or someone you know in need of affordable counseling?